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Flower Gift Ideas for Graduation

The Batch 2018 graduates deserve the best kinds of congratulatory gifts for making it to the finish and for completing the course. To greet them on this very special day, what better gifts can you give but the gifts of flowers.

A flower makes the graduation more memorable. The florist has a wide variety of designs for both men and women, giving you a lot of choices to congratulate a friend, family, or loved one. Here are some flower gift ideas for graduation:


Leis are specifically designed for the graduates. They are traditionally made from flowers like Orchids, Carnations, Roses, Plumeria, and some leaves. There are also leis that are made from candies and money, which are also perfect for the special event. If you want to congratulate a graduate or to recognize the accomplishments, you can send a florist delivery of leis on the graduation day.


A lovely hand bouquet of flowers in bright and bold colors conveys your message of congratulations to the graduate. You can give a bouquet of yellow flowers to symbolize success and accomplishments or purple flowers to emphasize dignity and honor.
Orange flowers symbolize passion in studies and green flowers are meant for new beginnings. The florist can help you pick a beautiful flower bouquet based on the message you want to express to the graduate.

Flower arrangement

A flower arrangement that is based on the school color is also a way of showing the graduate how much you support him or her on the path he or she may take. The flower shop can give you the flower arrangement that matches the colors of your school. If you plan a party for the graduate, you can also use the colors to decorate the venue.

Hampers of Gifts

A hamper delivery is also a great gift to give to the graduate. Each hamper may contain different items or packages of snacks, sweet treats, wine, and drinks for a festive celebration after the graduation ceremony. The hamper also comes with a complimentary flower gift for the graduate.
If you want to make a delivery of hampers and flowers a timely gift on graduation, you may have the gift sent to the party venue or to the home address. You can never go wrong with a hamper of gifts when you want to congratulate someone on graduation day.

This is How Flowers Can Boost Your Mood

Flowers will always have that special ability to make the surroundings become more cheerful, especially the flowers in bright color and lovely shapes. A gift of flowers can actually be a great way to surprise, greet, and even express a feeling to someone.

And one the reasons of why people love to give and receive flowers are because flowers can simply make the surrounding look more beautiful.  Little Flower Hut   provide the best flower arrangement to make you happy.  Believe it or not, the existence of flowers also able to bring happiness and boost your mood by their:

  1. Beautiful shapes

The shapes of flowers are just so beautiful and can make people in love as soon as they see them. This is one of the reasons why flowers usually used for any kind of decorations and designs, too.

  1. Cheerful and bright colors

The colors of flowers are also so cheerful and bright and makes them look so appealing. You can even pick the flowers in your preferred color or the one that suit the occasion. If the beautiful colors combined with the beautiful shapes, who can resist the happiness of seeing such beauty?

  1. Good and relaxing scents

Some flowers are not only beautiful but have a kind of good and relaxing scent as well. And the sweet smells of flowers are able to put someone in a better mood too. No wonder why sweet-smelling flowers such as Roses are often used as the extract for perfume or aromatherapy.

4. Beautiful Meanings

Flowers also have such beautiful meanings that make them can be one of the most meaningful gifts to give. Who will not please to receive such a gift, then?

However, there is still one more reason of why people happy to receive flowers: it is because the special feeling they get when they receive flowers, especially from someone they care about. If you want to make someone feel better or boost someone’s mood, the best flower arrangement of florist Singapore will never fail you with their best online flower delivery service.

The Best Florist in Malaysia

One of the greatest things that had happened in the floristry industry is the opening of A Better Florist. They were known as the best florist in Singapore, who surprised everyone with the best Singapore flower delivery, and now they have expanded to Malaysia! So, what’s so special about this flower shop? Keep on reading to find while you’ll absolutely fall in love.

First of all, their floral arrangements are beyond genuine and creative. It takes a really talented and experienced team to craft floral arrangements and bouquets that they do. In fact, it takes a very special team to maintain their standards throughout all the holidays, occasions and seasons. These are by far the most breathtaking flowers Malaysia flower shops had to offer so far. There’s plenty of variation, as flowers can come in either burlap wrapping or mason jars or baskets. You can grab funeral flowers or birthday flowers, and this is where businesses can purchase grand opening flowers. If you ever purchased funeral flowers KL flower shops made that were inappropriate, you won’t have that problem with A Better Florist, because all of their florists have experience and the passion to do it right.
They make the most beautiful fruit basket, and besides that you can also grab a hamper to have everything you need to gift for a special occasion. From a baby hamper that is great for baby shower to a get well soon hamper, they have it all, and everything can be tailored to suit your specific need and so that it reflects the person you’re gifting it to.

There’s also the matter of their unbelievably fast same day flower delivery KL can enjoy. Within 90 minutes, their delivery team can deliver flowers, hampers and fruit baskets. Their fruit basket delivery is one of the most loved because it’s free and they are fast.

The persk don’t stop there. A Better Florist is the best florist KL has that you can order from online. It’s easy to shop for unique gifts, as they always have something in their online shop and you can shop even from your mobile phone. Even if you’re not tech savvy, you’re going to find it easy to browse through their collections. There’s a special section for everything, from the hamper collection to the flower bundles, so you can quickly find what you need and place an order.
Not only is A Better Florist one of the most popular florists right now in Malaysia, it’s also very popular as an UAE flower delivery, and a Hong Kong flower delivery. If you do a bit of research, you’ll find plenty of good reviews about A Better Florist, and they are on top of almost all lists as the best florist in Hong Kong and a flower delivery HK really enjoys. In the same way, the flower delivery Dubai has is one of the best and most raved about.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of shopping from a florist like A Better Florist, I strongly suggest you do give them a chance.

You Gotta Try It to B.Liv It

The title is obviously not a typo because I mean it.  Please continue reading and if you read until the end there is something waiting for you.  I will not disappoint you, promise.

KL Fashion Week 2017 | Lets Hit The Runway #iamhomegrown

Behold Fashionista.  It's KL Fashion Week time of the year again

Its the time where you can see artists, singers, actors and actresses, fashion icons, fashion designers all dressed up for the show.  And yes we are talking about none other than most anticipated fashion event the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW).  2017  has marked the 5th year of this event and let me tell you.  Things are getting bigger, better and bolder.  Now if you are somewhere around Pavilion, lets hit the runway!.

Over 150 designers will be showcasing Ready-To-Wear (RTW) collections

Founded by Mr. Andrew Tan, this year big shots in the fashion industry such as Dato' Farah Khan, Casey Gan, Rizman Ruzaini, Mimpikita, Fiziwoo, Alia Bastamam will be showcasing their rtw collections at Pavilion Bukit Bintang along with other local designers.  Not just that, Anuruk Jaidee the grand winner of the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer 2016 will be making his debut at the 5 days event.

Since the first debut in 2013, KL fashion week has evolved so much and we can see the change in the fashion industry.  The designers are not afraid to experiment with different type of fabrics, dramatic cut and finishing,  bold colors and prints, different pattern, unique technique and many more.  To be able to come up with something fresh rather than to play safe is what makes the event is receiving plenty of positive feedback.

So what's the #IAMHOMEGROWN is all about ?.

In conjunction of the KL fashion week,  the e-commerce partner Fashion Valet and KLFW RTW 2017 have come up with an on-ground campaign named #IAMHOMEGROWN which aims to instil pride and recognition of Malaysian talents in fashion and creative industry.  Fashion Valet has selected 60 high influence Malaysians from various backgrounds and industry to participate in the campaign. 

You can purchase the  #IAMHOMEGROWN clothing from the campaign at their website ranging from short sleeve t-shirt with the word printed on the neckline, printed sleeve oversized sweatshirt, sweatshirt tunic and also lengging.

Snippets from the KL Fashion Week 

Its not fashion if the article is just words, dont you think?.  The KL Fashion Week has started on 16 July and ending on 20th August, 2017.  We can see so many fashionista sharing their photos from the events on Instagram.  Lets check out our top picks from the event. 

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5 Artisan Ice Cream in Malaysia That You Should Try Today !

Ice cream can really does wonders, a few scoops of your favorite flavor can turn a sour mood into a happy ones.  Plus, having ice cream is always a great way to beat off the heat.  You do not need a reason to indulge yourself especially during a hot and sunny day.  Who would turn off the offer for ice cream treats?.

Fun fact :  July is nominated as the National Ice Cream month in the United States,  by the president Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Long gone were the days where we would head over to the supermarket to get out favorite pint of ice cream, now there are plenty of artisan ice creams offering some unique flavors with local twist to it.  For Malaysian,  say yet to local flavored ice cream like Durian, Cempedak and Teh Tarik Flavor.

Look no further as I got you the list of 5 artisan ice cream in Malaysia that you should try today.  If not, tomorrow!

1. Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar
serves ultra smooth creamy soft serve ice cream
Softsrve founders Amily Chong and Redmond Ho.
Softsrve founders Amily Chong and Redmond HFounded by Amily Chong and Edmund Ho, Softsrve currently operated in 4 different branch, 3 in Damansara Uptown, Sri Petaling and Ampang while another is located further south in Johor Bahru.  In addition, Softsrve has recently launched their Softsrve mini at Pavilion Elite and MyTOWN for their soft serve ice cream fan.
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Be gorgeous Using Kitchen Products by Huda Kattan

Be Gorgeous Using Kitchen ProductsIn case you dont know Huda Kattan is the mastermind and the founder of Huda Beauty which her beauty products sold out within minutes online.  Her background is rather interesting as she started off studying and working in Finance at where she claimed as The Wall Street of Dubai, far from the makeup industry.  Huda Kattan has shown a perfect example that it is never too late to chase your dream and do things that you are passionate about.  In her case its beauty and makeup.  
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