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One of my 2017 resolutions is to have a fresh new start with blogging.  I have been writing for several years now and it is my wish to write more frequently and produce a good quality of articles for my readers.  This means more defined topic, a good structure of articles, well researched and more elaboration on points.  It is still far to achieve from where I am now, but I will try.

What Nora-Talks is about?

The main idea behind Nora.Talks is to write on topics that every woman could relate and hopefully find some aspiration from the article.  Basically Nora.Talks will feature content on a few different themes ranging from beauty, lifestyle, diy and relationships.   
  • Beauty - Beauty Tips and Tricks, Beauty Products, Beauty Tutorials
  • Lifestyle - Health, Foods, Travel
  • DIY - DIY Tutorials, Wedding, Home 
  • Relationships - Advice, Tips , Discussion

The reason why I pick those theme is because first as a woman who does not love to read about beauty tips and tricks?.  I even have some screenshots in my phone on ' 5 tips how to get a clear skin' and whatnot. Especially if it involves a natural products or things that you can find in your kitchen.   Second, I love to read about lifestyle and with the help of Pinterest I have thousands of DIY inspiration pin on the board.  Last reason is simply due to uplifting and spiritual reasons. Relationships does not only to relate with human but God. 

 Be a Content Contributor

If you have a topic or article which you wish to contribute to the site I am very happy to hear from you.  Just say hi in my contact form.


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