He Stopped Texting Me, Did I Do Something Wrong?

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It is not a story about Romeo and Juliet, its about two ordinary people who stumble upon each other one day and the conversation began like this.  

"Can I have Your Number?" he said.  

"Sure" she said.

 Little did you know, it become a daily routine. Good morning!. Good Night! has become your constant script. You and Him has become a habit.  An addiction to each other.

After few weeks of constant updates about what is happening in your daily life with each other  he stopped texting.


Did I do something wrong?

Did I made him angry last night?   Where has he been?   Is his phone broken or something?  Is he tired of me?  Did he meet someone new?   Did he just want to mess with my heart?  Did I  play too hard to get?  Am I too Pushy? 

All these constant thoughts would be clouding your mind.  The texts you sent,  the calls you made were never answered.  You keep thinking about what is the reason that made him pull a break in your relationship. 

Every once in a while you would glance at your phone worried that you might have missed his texts or his calls.  You keep on reading his previous texts trying to find any sorts of trigger point that causes him to shut you.  You are anxious.  

The ship has sailed.  He is no longer interested in you.   

If you were Her, what would you do?. 


  1. I've been in that situation months ago.
    I didn't stress myself that much, I just assume that maybe the fun is over.
    I also stop texting and calling... and eventually I get used on not talking to him anymore. As long as I know in that I didn't do anything that can harm him, and still thankful to him for the short term happiness he had given me

    1. Hi Mauricel,
      I love that you sounded so positive about it as some might have interpreted a short fling with 'madly in love' and with him stop texting, instead of considering it as break up you feel thankful about it. You go girl!.


Thank You for the Thoughts