Lifeproof Nuud The Toughest Casing A Woman Needs

lifeproof Nuud for Iphone

Have you heard of Lifeproof Brand?.   

Specializing in Iphone accessories, Lifeproof has become a household name among users whose lifestyle are always on the run, adventurous, love to explore the nature like jungle trekking, actively participating in extreme activities such as beach surfing, cycling or even skiing.  You share the similar interest, yes?. Lifeproof is the answer to your Iphone.

Lifeproof encourages you to be free, to go out there and explore and the least thing that you need to worry is your device got soaked with water or dirt.  For this, Lifeproof got you covered. Having a case that has the ability to endure and go to extreme length in protecting your device is what you need. 

Four Proofs. Zero Doubt. 

Lifeproof casing is designed to endure the 4 four proof, what are they?. 
  • Water Proof
  • Dirt Proof
  • Snow Proof
  • Shock Proof
Each case produced by Lifeproof needs to undergo a series of tests to ensure that it meets the four criteria mentioned above before it is released to the market.  The case that failed, will be scraped. 
Have zero doubt in getting your gadgets to follow you and capture the moments of the journey.   

Review: Nuud Series For Iphone 7+ 

lifeproof nuud for iphone

lifeproof nuud for iphone

lifeproof nuud for iphone

To date, Lifeproof have produced FRĒ, NÜÜD and FRĒ Power cases to their LIFEACTÍV line of accessories.  The case that I am reviewing is the Lifeproof Nuud for Iphone 7PlusThe unique feature of the casing is its screenless technology that forms a tight seal around the touchscreen resulting not even a drop of water can wet the phone, what more if you go surfing.    

Each Nuud Case Comes with :

  • NÜÜD case
  • Instruction manual
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Case key
  • LifeProof sticker
  • Water test unit 
  • Each LifeProof products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. 

The Toughest Casing A Woman Needs 

Put aside the extreme sports activities, the case can also be used by a modern working woman.  Especially if you are a mother and needs to juggle between house chores, taking care of toddler, and always rushing to get things done.  Truthfully, I fall into this category and let me share with you what I think about the Lifeproof Nuud for my Iphone 7 plus. 

The Design is not very bulky compared to other casing with similar features and surprisingly it didn't weigh too heavy which made the phone easy to carry.  The case also has a clear back casing. 

The Durability of the casing.  This I have to admit the starlight of the feature. Ability to withstand at extreme weather and condition be it water, soil or even snow.  You name it all!.

The Specs of the casing.  On the technical aspects of the casing, it is made from Polycarbonate, weight only 6.2 ounces while for dimensions  its 8.75 x 4.75 x 1.06 inches.  The casing wont make your phone to look bulky or weight a ton.  The compact design is what really helps. 

The Color Available for the casing.  There are several options available in the market, ranging from black, teal, purple or even purple.

Where to get and How much does it cost?.  The Lifeproof Nuud casing is available online in their website and is retailed at $99.99.  However, if you are a Malaysian citizen and wanted to purchase the casing on a physical store you can visit any MaC City, Machine, and iMAC.

Overal verdict, the Lifeproof Nuud does walk the talk in terms of its feature and specs, however in terms of price it may be a bit expensive.

Let me know what your personal opinion about the casing.
Would you try the Lifeproof Nuud?.


  1. suka casing macam ni. tp hargaaaa mak aiiii. but maybe worth buying lah kan if tengok based on the specs, durability etc.

    1. dari segi harga memang agak mahal tapi memang berbaloi sebab tak payah risau habuk atau air akan rosakkan telefon.

  2. this is soooo tempting! but I couldn't afford to buy it huhuuu so sadd

    1. If you are the type that doesnt really be with the phone 24/7 then no need to get this casing. Unless like me, I carry it everywhere. And once I accidentally washed my phone together with the laundry. Oh so sad :(


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