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In appreciation of new visitors and supporters of the blog,  I have decided to do my first giveaway namely 'blogwarming giveaway'.  The blog is just 3 months old and still considered a baby.   I also want to let you know how much I appreciate my readers and hopefully this blog will be around for a long time.

What Can You Eat To Get Glowing Skin

food to get glowing skin
Over the years we always been told, you are what you eat.  Whatever you put down your stomach becomes a part of your body and it will reflect through the outer part which is your skin.  The more nutritious the food, the better your skin will look.   Its very important to watch what you eat because the skin is the canvas of the body.  What can you eat to get glowing skin?.

Things You Can Do To Spice Up Your Love Affair

Spice Up Your Love Affair

Every relationship have ups and downs, just like how you are sailing a ship on an open ocean.  Its not shocking to see couple who have been together for so long decided to part ways, take Angeline Jolie for example.  After 10 years of being together, the couple has decided to call it off.  To keep a relationship is hard but to maintain it even harder.  You need to have the sparks to keep going on.   

What It Takes To Maintain A Relationship?.

Tips To Create Flatlay Like A Pro For Instagram

Tips to Create Flatlay
Ever since Instagram made its debut 7 years ago, Flatlay has become such a big word among Instagrammers.  If you search using hashtag #flatlay you will be overwhelmed by the numbers of photos tagged totaling to almost 2.09M.  Curating a good looking flatlay photos will not only attracts more number of likes, but also new followers to your Instagram account.  

Rule of Thumb:  The picture should be sharp and clear. Blurry photo is just a big no! 

Lets see what are the tips to master flatlay like a pro.   

5 DIY Beauty Hacks By Farah Dhukai The Beauty Blogger

Farah Dhukai

Who is Farah Dhukai ?

Known for her unique yet very unusual way of using stuff for beauty, Farah Dhukai is a beauty blogger who is based in Canada.  With more than 4.9 million Instagram followers on Instagram it is very hard not to notice her presence as her videos are widely shared among beauty junkies and reached million of views.  

Selected below are some of her most viewed videos on DIY beauty hacks that surely you wanted to try by yourself.  Lets get started.


5 Useful Tips to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Increase your productivity
Each and everyone has 24 hours a day, that is equivalent to 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds. Not more and not less.  As we grow older, the way we spend our time differs greatly from when we are younger.  The thing that matter is how you make use of  the 24 hours given to you.  Do you utilize it enough?.

This article will walk you through simple but effective strategies to increase your daily productivity.

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