5 Useful Tips to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Increase your productivity
Each and everyone has 24 hours a day, that is equivalent to 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds. Not more and not less.  As we grow older, the way we spend our time differs greatly from when we are younger.  The thing that matter is how you make use of  the 24 hours given to you.  Do you utilize it enough?.

This article will walk you through simple but effective strategies to increase your daily productivity.

1.  Set a Deadline To Complete a Task

Deadline can be helpful for you to stay focused and work towards completing a task.  Give yourself a deadline on when the task should be completed and stick to it.  That way you are more likely to stay focused in getting things done.  Without a deadline, you will tend to procrastinate from later to never.

2.  If it be Done in Two Minutes, Do it Now!

According to famous entrepreneur Steve Olenski who introduced 'the two-minutes rule', if the task or action can be done in two minutes or less do it now.  Example, taking the rubbish out, wash a cup after finish drinking your coffee, replying to email, tidy up the coffee table, etc.  You will be surprised on how many task that you can complete within a day by applying the two minutes rule.

Whenever a task arise, determine how long will you spend to complete it.  If it take two minutes or lesser, do it straight away.

3.  Stay Away From Distractions

Another key to increase your productivity is to stay away from distraction (read: social media).  Glancing every now and then at your mobile phone can be a huge distractions and reduce your performance and focus.  Turn off the notifications and allocate time to check your social media accounts can be a useful tips.  Statistics shown that average person will spend nearly two hours on social media everyday.

4.  Create to-do Lists and Sort Accordingly

The first thing that you need to do after waking up is to list out your to-do lists for the day and sort according to their priority.   The to-do lists does not necessarily have to be beautifully written in an organizer or planner, but it can be just in the form of scribble on a rough paper.  Having a clear idea about what tasks that needs to be done will help you to navigate and utilize your day better.

By getting the most important task to be completed first you can carry forward the less important to tomorrow.  That way, you wont be feeling bad about not completing all the tasks within that day.  You are not a robot after all!.

5.  Start Your Day Early

If you read about successful people, you will notice that most of them start their day early.  Some even waking up as early as 3:30 a.m. to kick start the day.  These includes  Apple CEO Tim Cook, previous FLOTUS Michelle Obama, NextDesk director Dan Lee ,etc.

Starting your day early means less distractions, fresh and clear mind so you will be able to focus more on getting things done.

Of Course There Will Still be Tomorrow

At the end of the day, there is still tomorrow.  Make the best out of today.


  1. Thanks for the tips. It is indeed useful to me.

    1. Hi Jane, welcome. Let me know if u want to add any points from above.

  2. agree with no.3. I always need this tips, thanks for sharing ;D

    1. Social media is a big distraction. Every notification that pops up and my hand is itching to check on it.

  3. I tend to get distracted easily hahaha...*Korean dramas/variety shows* Waking up that early is quite impossible for me as well. =P Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hey alvin. Well you are not alone in this. Especially when watching the re-run of korean drama.


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