Feeling Hot in Jonlivia Hotpants

jonlivia hotpants review For the woman out there who enjoys active lifestyle, this hotpants is for you!.  Yes, you who hit  the gym at least 2 or 3 times a week, running for a few kilometers in the park to keep fit, enjoy playing some outdoor activity sports like netball or volleyball in the evening.  Before we proceed to the review about this Jonlivia Hotpants its always good to get to know about the brand a little bit better.

About JONLIVIA Brand

Jonlivia's mission is to drive style into fitness journey by designing stylish high performance wear to ensure we look, feel and perform at our best.  Fashionable, trendy and stylish - that are what Jonlivia is about. 
to transform Jonlivia to be a leaver in active lifestylewear by driving the sytle innovation experience to our customer.  -Jonlivia's Vision and Mission

Based in Malaysia, Jonlivia is a lifestylewear leader company that has produced a few range of active wear which among their products are hotpants, phiro , slimming shaper and value package.

Jonlivia Long Active Hotpants S+ Review

 The Jonlivia hotpants is one of the bestseller products from Jonlivia because of a few notable things :

1. The design of the Hotpants
It is made from Neoprene material or "Heatprene" as they called it because the material assist to control body heat as well as burn more calories and excessive water retention than your normal workout pants.  Even while you are walking you will burn more calories that you ever know.

2. Sweat Absorbent
Dubbed as The 1st only Airy Fabric built-in Malaysia the hotpants will force that sweat to come out and absorb them into the pants.  Who wants to have their sweat to be dripping from their legs?.  That is why Jonlivia come up with the material that not only burn the calories but absorb the sweat efficiently.  Thumbs up for that!.
3.  Back Pocket with Zip
jonlivia hotpants reviewThe newly added feature to the Jonlivia Hotpants is that it has a back pocket. Good for small items storage like money, keys, headphones or even your phone.  I have tried with my iphone and it fits.  The back pocket also has a zip, this means your items will be secured and you dont have to worry about keys being missing while you are exercising.



What I think After Wearing Jonlivia Hotpants 

I have worn other brands of hotpants before, mainly for jogging or walking around the neighborhood as I am not a gym person. Being a working mum, my time to exercise is limited so as much as I want to exercise often I try my best to keep fit by going for a jog at night.

What I like is the absorbent feature.  I can still jog comfortably without worrying about the sweat to be dripping off or it will be visible to others.  Even the material can be a little tight, surprisingly I dont feel 'suffocated'  wearing it and I can flex very well.  Overall I like the shape and how it fits my leg.

What I dont like is the hem of the hotpants does not have a zipper, probably because I have quite a big foot (size 7) so its quite hard for me to wear it.

jonlivia hotpants review
 How I styled my Jonlivia S+ Hotpants. 

 For further info you may check them out
Jonlivia Website | Jonlivia Instagram | Jonlivia FB Page

Let me know what you like about the Jonlivia Hotpants in the comments section!.


  1. Very nice & honest review.


    1. Thanks dear. Its really good to help burn extra calories:)

  2. These look great. I love wearing leggings and pants like this, very comfortable! If only I had the self confidence to wear them outside the house :)

    1. Just give youself a try and wear whatever makes you feel good. 🙂.

  3. useful review info...keep in up~

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