You Gotta Try It to B.Liv It

The title is obviously not a typo because I mean it.  Please continue reading and if you read until the end there is something waiting for you.  I will not disappoint you, promise.

Why you need to b.liv it

b.liv is brand that specializes in pores management solution.  Since its debut in 2009 the brand has won a few awards in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Best part?.  The product is affordable as it target to cater the masses with their tagline "healthy pores, healthy skin".

Not only they offer products to tackle your large pore problems, b.liv also provides a wide range of skincare line which includes to remove the white heads and white heads, acne and blemishes, to cleanses, moisturizes and give hydration to the skin and others.  For all your skin problems b.liv got you covered.  Now lets move on to the fun part which is the products review.

Review : B.Liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask (RM99.00)

Description of the mask :
give your skin a new breath of life with this purifying mask that combines oxygen bubble and rice powder to brighten and enliven complexion. 
O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask is made up of 3 main ingredients:

O2 bubble : penetrate into the skin to wash away pore clogging, impurities, debris and excess sebum
Rice Powder : to moisturize and brighten the skin
Red Soft Beads : melt away to exfoliate dead skin surface

A little background about my skin. Stay up late, minimum hour of sleep, lack of fluids intake and working in air conditioned office makes my skin rather dry and dull. I do not have any major skin problems like severe breakout or acne but my main issue and concern is mainly towards dry and tired looking skin.

So after trying the mask here is the before and after photo and what I think about the mask.

1.The mask works magic.  First few seconds when you apply the mask to the skin you will hear a small popping sound.  What I meant by magic is small bubbles will form when the mask is exposed to the air and become oxygenated, One word to describe it - cool.

2. Smells amazing.  There is no pungent smell or anything that is too strong.  The smell is soft, subtle and easy on the nose.

3.  It makes my skin feels fresh and clean.  The mask really helps in removing the impurities and after wearing it for several times I notice a significant change that my skin look more radiant.

Review : B.Liv Hydrate Away Mask (RM129 x 4 sheets)

The second product is hydrate away mask.  I only try 1 out of the 3 masks because I have something planned for you.  Are you still reading?.  Good. 

The second product is a moisturizing bio-cellulose mask that act as a high volume serum reservoir.  It holds the moisture while air is allowed to transfer freely.  Core benefits you can get from the skin is moisturizing + revitalizing + hydrating.

The main reason why I try this mask is to test whether I can tackle my issues with related to dry skin  and the result turn out very good and it makes me happy.  The mask fits like a second skin and after 20 minutes I feel my skin become supple and more hydrated than ever.  True enough,  it works.  Showing you my before and after results from wearing the mask below:

Overall verdict, I b.liv it

Usually when a product claim it can do magic to your skin,  I do not believe them fully until I read the feedback about it and try them myself.  With b.liv the factor that strengthen me to try is because the good review that they have gotten so far.  Plus they have won several awards too.  Price wise I would consider it as reasonable as to what the product promise to deliver.  

b.liv products are available on online stores or alternatively you can head down to Sasa Outlets if you wish to see the products live.  For more info you can check their details below :

Website  | FB Page  |  Instagram

Want to buy the product at discount rate?.  Use code "NORALIZA25" to enjoy discount upon your check out when you buy from their website.

Mini Giveaway : 2 bio-cellulose mask

As promised, I will be giving away 1 bio-cellulose mask for 2 lucky readers. Here is how:

Like and Follow the following accounts
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Once done comment below why you want the mask.  Winners will be announced 8 September 2017.

Good luck and remember always b.liv in yourself :)


  1. Hi, I want to join. I've fulfilled all the requirements. My insta: @ameridzuan.

    I want this mask because I want to give it as a birthday present to my beloved skincare-addict sister, plus, I would like to post the review about this product in my blog. Thanks =)

    Amerzing |

    Can't wait for the announcement!

    1. Hi Amer,
      Thanks for joining. Please check your email :)

  2. Hi Nora,Great review. I want to try the mask too because my face always look dull and dry, I hope the mask can help my skin moisturiser. Done all like and follow IG.

    1. Hi Qiss, congratulations. You have won yourself b.liv bio cellulose mask. Please dm me your particulars.


    2. Wow!! Thank you so much. Done contact you through the form, reach me at if you not receive my details.


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