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5 Reasons to Avoid Conflicts

A conflict situation is always associated with stress, so it is worth building relationships with people so that there are as a few stressful cases as possible. Let's look at other reasons why you should avoid quarrels and disputes. Since we live in a society with the same human beings, a clash of interests is an inevitable fact of existence and communication. And you can do nothing about it because it is impossible to please everyone as well as constantly infringe upon your interests for the benefit of others, whether they are your colleagues, friends or family members. Doing that, you can find yourself in a state of prolonged depression. Disagreements are an integral part of our lives. Moreover, in some cases, they can be positive in the long term because they allow us to get to know ourselves and other people better. The main thing is how we react to disagreements or even outright confrontation. There are 5 positive arguments in favor of resolving problems without coming into conflict.

1. You will not put your nervous system under pressure

Stress that a person faces when a conflict situation occurs can hardly be called positive. A person feels the aggression of another and begins to get angry, thinking about how to take revenge on the offender and worry about their own safety literally and figuratively. It also happens that the conflict is already over, but the obtained negative continues to affect the psyche, mood, communication with loved ones, etc.

2. You will maintain a smooth or even friendly relationship with your opponent

Without provoking or developing a conflict situation to the extent of open confrontation, you have a greater chance that a person whose interests confront with yours will maintain respectful or at least neutral attitude towards you. It’s better than making an enemy.

3. You will learn to solve problem situations with the help of diplomacy

If you set the task to avoid conflicts that do not carry global significance, you’ll suddenly find out after a certain time that you have learned to be more elegant in communication. You have mastered the skill of solving problems using delicate methods. You can be sure that this will serve you well both at work and in your personal life.

4. You will break up people less often

Yes, some relationships exhaust themselves with time, and when this happens, people should break up. And this is not only about romantic relationships but also about friendly and business ones. To lose a friend because of incontinence and inessential disagreement is a luxury that we neither can nor should allow ourselves. It takes a lot of time to build a good relationship while it is relatively easy to destroy everything. 

5. You will earn a worthy reputation

A person who can meet challenges is an incredible find for any team, and for friendship, and especially for partnership and family relations. Such a person is considered intelligent and even wise in any society. If you get the skill to avoid open confrontation, solving it, be sure that people will appreciate and respect you.

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